Chefs Collection of Interesting Things, House cured meats and pates, house-madericotta, assortment of eclecticgarniture

*House-Smoked Salmon, salmon tartare, caper, brioche, horseradish mascarpone, red onion, egg

Classic Shrimp Cocktail, house-made cocktail sauce

*Steak Tartare, roasted bone marrow, fried egg yolk, mustard seed, radish, toast, anchovy-parsley pesto

Calamari Fritti, pickled vegetables, lemon-chili aioli

Meatballs, tomato, chilies, bruleed fontina, garlic toast

Stuffed Banana Peppers, house-made sausage, marinara, pecorino

Italian Wedding, Veal meatballs, chicken, spinach, pecorino


Burrata, roasted tomato, garlic toast,EVOO, balsamic

*Caesar, artisan romaine, Parmigiano, garlic croutons, house dressing

*“Wedge”, baby iceberg, crispy housebacon lardons, gorgonzola, confit tomatoes, house pickles

Belgian Endive, balsamic figs, apples, gorgonzola dolce, almonds

*Prosciutto and Grapefruit, arugula, pistachio, goat cheese, fennel, grapefruit vinaigrette

Swiss Chard, farro, peas, local feta, raw corn, fennel, black pepper-honey vinaigrette, radish, celery seed

*Pickled Beets, chefs garden greens, walnuts, local goat cheese, lemon-basil vinaigrette

Chefs Garden Mixed Greens, strawberries, red onion, raspberry vinaigrette

add roasted chicken breast

add seared Verlasso salmon


Potato Gnocchi, sausage, tomato, garlic, pickled chilies, pecorino

Penne, chefs garden spinach, roasted chicken, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, brussels

Cavatelli, tomato, parmigiano, sauce bolognese

Linguini, clams, mussels, capers, chilies, white wine brodo

Cappellini, anchovy, chilies, garlic, capers, onions, tomato, EVOO


*Horseradish Crusted Verlasso Salmon, Thrice cooked frites, simple salad, sauce bearnaise

 Pan Seared Scallops, potato cake, fennel, spinach, mushrooms, brown butter, lemon, parsley

Ohio Amish Chicken Parmigiano, cappellini, slow roasted marinara, bruleed fontina

Ohio Amish Chicken Francaise, crisp potato cake, house pancetta, brussels, mushrooms, lemon, capers

Ohio Amish Chicken Salad, pesto aioli, mixed greens, grated carrot, tomato, parmigiano, white balsamic

Crusted Ohio Berkshire Pork Cutlet, Served with either, penne alla vodka, linguini bolognese, cappellini marinara, or chefs garden simple salad

Veal Scallopini, Crisp potato cake, mushrooms, spinach, marsala


all sandwiches are served with either a simple salad or thrice cooked frites with house ketchup

 *Gio’s Burger, LTOPSS, 7 yr cheddar “single”, everything brioche

 Classic BLT, House-cured berkshire pork bacon, bibb lettuce, heirloom tomato, house brioche, house mayo

*Please note that consuming raw or undercooked items may increase your risk of food borne illness

Executive Chef Zach Ladner